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Letter: Vote no on reintroducing wolves

I am writing to urge voters to vote no on Proposition 114, the reintroduction of the Canadian gray wolf.  This measure should never be on the ballot to start with. The effort made to put this on the ballot mainly came from funding from out-of-state donors. Most of the signatures that were gathered to put this on the ballot came from the Front Range.

Why should we on the Western Slope have the wolves dumped in our back yards when we are against this? Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists have repeatedly recommended against reintroducing wolves into Colorado for various reasons, yet Gov. Polis has affirmed state law prohibiting agency staffers from publicly sharing their opinion on this matter. Hunters can take the place of reducing the wildlife herd numbers in Colorado.

Right now, hunters provide the majority of the conservation funding in Colorado. Hunters can reduce herd numbers without wreaking havoc on livestock like the wolves have in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. No wildlife means no hunters which means no funding.  A huge concern about the Canadian Gray wolf is that they are carriers of the deadly hydatid disease.  This disease is caused by the tapeworm cyst Echinococcosis granulosus.  Humans can contract the disease by handling infected carcasses, from the soil, dust and plants that are exposed to the cysts.  This disease often affects the liver, lungs and the brain according to the World Health Organization. 

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy seeing the wildlife around me but, I rarely see any fawns or elk calves with their mothers.  The bears, coyotes and mountain lions have taken a toll on them.  The big bucks that Eagle County was known for are gone. Join me in voting no on Proposition 114. 

Jackie Schlegel


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