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Letter: Vote yes 11 times, Minturn

Tom Glass, Minturn

The latest in attempts by the Ginn Development Co. to proceed with annexation agreements with the town of Minturn reminds me somewhat of the lodgepole pine beetle debacle surrounding us.

Federal and state officials, knowing that pesticide applications would need to be made many times in a growing season in order to control the beetle, declined the opportunity to control the blight early on.

Spraying, it was reasoned, would dramatically change Colorado’s forests. Spraying multiple times would also have been a public relations nightmare. That missed opportunity also dramatically changed the ecology of the entire West ” well beyond our lifetimes.

A small group of well-meaning Minturn residents upset with the prospect of changes to our poorly funded and decaying town have brought the annexation issue to a vote. It’s an opportunity we should not decline.

The ballot, as is required by law, is complex and seems a public relations nightmare. It requires a voter to vote yes on the ballot 11 times. You read that right ” 11 times yes ” one no vote cast against the 11 items pertaining to the Ginn annexations turns a voter’s intentions into a no vote against the entire project.

Failing to vote yes 11 times supporting the Ginn protect will leave Minturn exposed to the same development potential, and leave Minturn with none of the benefits negotiated by the Minturn Town Council.

Vote yes on May 20, 11 times.

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