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Letter: Vote Yes on 2G for Vail

Please join me in voting to “de-Gallagher” Vail by voting yes on Vail’s ballot measure 2G this election. 

Back in 1982 when the Gallagher Amendment was passed our community and our state were very different. The population of Colorado was half what it is today, and home prices were much lower.

The antiquated Gallagher Amendment is an outdated provision intended to equalize the payment of property taxes between commercial properties and residential properties. But it isn’t working today, especially for our rural mountain communities.

Today, 35 years later, the unintended consequences of the Gallagher Amendment have resulted in commercial businesses bearing a greater burden (55% of the amount of taxes paid but only making up 10% of Vail property values) and residential properties bearing 45% of the tax burden but representing 90% of Vail property values. Voting “yes” on “2G” does not raise your property taxes. The State of Colorado is currently projecting a decrease in taxes payable in 2022. The decrease equates to $30 per year on a home valued at $500,000.

As a third generation Vail resident whose grandparents and parents owned small businesses in Vail, I feel it is unfair that our small businesses are bearing the brunt of paying for critical town services due to the outdated legacy of the Gallagher Amendment.

As a Vail Town Councilmember, I can assure you the Town Council and staff prioritize fiscal responsibility and sustaining our community with important services. With the dramatic economic impact to town finances due to COVID-19, including the use of reserves to help cover services and delays to many capital projects, the Vail Town Council unanimously agreed to support a ballot measure to “de-Gallagher” Vail property taxes. 

A vote yes on Vail’s ballot measure 2G is a vote for fiscal responsibility, maintaining strong local public services, and long-term economic sustainability.

Kim Langmaid


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