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Letter: Vote yes on 7A

One question on the ballot this fall that should be of particular interest to everybody who lives on the Western Slope is 7A. By supporting this measure, you will help the Colorado River District keep water on the Western Slope where it belongs. 

Without the River District to help, the supply of water in our rivers and streams could be reduced by increasing demand from Front Range cities and the ever-thirsty West Coast. Rising temperatures and a decades-long drought are exacerbating the situation. We need to protect our water supply for ranchers and farmers, for clean drinking water for our communities, and to protect fish, wildlife, and recreation fundamental to our local economy.  

The cost is only $1.90 per $100,000 of home value.  Eighty-six percent of the money will be used as a catalyst for projects with partners in the 15-county district, ranging from forest health to reservoir and ditch improvement and advocacy for the Colorado River Watershed. The remaining 14% will be used for operating costs. 

Vote YES on 7A. If there is no water for the Western Slope, nothing else will matter.

Tania Landauer

Eagle River Watershed Council Board Member

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