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Letter: Vote yes on Prop 113

When I voted for John Hickenlooper, I knew that ultimately whoever gets the most votes in the Senate race will win the election. When I voted for state legislators, county commissioners, and every other candidate and question on the ballot, the same thing applied. The only exception to that rule: the presidency.

How can our most important elected official win an election without getting the most votes? It is because of the way our Electoral College is currently set up, and it’s ridiculous.

Over our history, five presidents have assumed office without winning the most popular votes nationwide, including two of the last three. And there have been many other close calls.

I can’t think of anything else where the second-place finisher actually wins. But yeah, it’s totally cool if the Presidency of all things is where this happens.

I am supporting Proposition 113 this fall, which asks all Colorado voters to approve the state’s 2019 law to join the National Popular Vote Compact. Once enough states sign on, the National Popular Vote will ensure the presidential candidate who earns the most votes will actually win. This is a pretty straightforward concept, especially since that’s how it works for every other elected office.

There are lots of ideas out there for how to make electing a president more fair and just — the way the Electoral College is currently set up doesn’t hold up to that standard. Please vote yes on Proposition 113 this fall.

Emily Boyd


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