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Letter: Voting yes on 7A is an easy decision

Water is a finite resource. In the Western United States, the battle over access to water has been fought for decades. Today, we are facing another urgent challenge over water that we on the Western Slope need to address. It’s about our water supply and the Colorado River. The supply of water flowing down this waterway is being reduced by unprecedented demand from burgeoning Front Range cities and the ever-thirsty West Coast. A decades-long drought is grimly and sequentially reducing rainfall and snow and driving increasing demand for this most precious and globally valuable resource.

What can you do? Simply vote yes on 7A to support the Colorado River District, which is working to protect our Western Slope water. It’s the advocate for the river where it’s used for drinking, irrigating, recreating and enjoyment. While the District is dealing with unprecedented demand for the water in the river, it’s being forced to make painful cuts to services and the Gallagher Amendment and TABOR have it facing a budget reduction of $480,000 by 2022.

That combination of factors has led the board of directors to ask for permission for a small increase in funding.  If approved, Ballot Measure 7A will cost you $1.90 per year, per $100,000 of the market value of your residence and $7.72 per $100,000 in value of your business (much of which can be deducted on federal tax).

If successful, the District will use 86% of the funds as a catalyst for projects with partners in the 15-county area that will help protect the flow and maintain the water quality. If it fails the district will continue to cut services leaving our water in the Colorado River with little protection and up for grabs.

I know how I will be voting. For the price of a fancy cup of coffee I can help support the organization that is protecting out Western Slope water.

Vote YES on 7A.

Kristin Yantis

Board Member, Eagle River Watershed Council

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