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Letter: Wake up, Eagle

Eagle’s Board of Trustees just approved the Haymeadow project, a development that at one point had enough petition signatures calling for a referendum. The protest of that petition was upheld and the project moved forward.

The Haymeadow project will eventually add 800-plus dwelling units which will equate to roughly 800-1600 additional vehicles to our community and roads. That is only a portion of the human impact. The impact on our local deer and elk herds (already suffering) may not be realized for years, but according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it will be dramatic.

Now the same city fathers are moving forward with approvals for the Reserve at Hockett Gulch project. This project is another abomination.  Upon completion, the 500 units will put an additional 500-1000 vehicles on our local streets and the current Highway 6 interchange. When is enough, enough? Most of us moved to Eagle to get away from the untethered greed and development in Vail and Avon. 

The Hockett Gulch project should be put to a referendum. Let the citizens of Eagle decide if this is the direction we want for our community and quality of life.

Todd Beckum

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