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Letter: Wake up, Minturn!

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO Colorado

Minturn citizens, wake up. Town council has approved the Ginn annexation, without a citizens vote. Kelly Brinkerhoff basically stated that council has more knowledge than the Minturn citizen. She then went on to comment on how much time they have put into it.

Kelly, a lot of Minturn citizens have put a lot of time into this also, but town council does not care about Minturn citizens’ time. We have been trying to get you to give us more information and trying to get you to explain your positions, you have refused. You hide behind “ex parte communication.”

Evidently, Kelly and the rest of town council’s vote and democratic rights are more important than the average Minturn citizens. They have refused to make it easy for us to vote. Minturn we owe it to ourselves to put this to a vote.

Minturn Town Councilor Tom Sullivan is poised to reap some huge rewards with the Ginn annexation pproved. In 2005 Ginn bought Tom’s Minturn Inn for $6.5 million dollars, setting a per-bedroom price record for Minturn. Tom has since then bought eight downtown properties, and his sister-in-law runs the Minturn Inn, which Ginn bought from Tom.

So Tom has already made millions from Ginn, and now that Tom and the council have approved the Ginn annexation, he will make millions more. Unbelievable that no one else sees a huge conflict of interest, if not more.

Please go to a Web site that is dedicated to bringing this to a citizens vote: http://www.minturntimes.com. Let’s show the six people on council that they can not ignore or dictate to 1,200 Citizens what should be allowed to affect our small town forever. We must submit the petition to the town no more than thirty days after the approved ordinance is published in the newspaper. We will need at least 80 signatures, and you must be registered to vote. When we vote we exercise our constitutional rights. Do not let this Council take away that right.

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