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Letter: War on Eagle County’s middle class

Jim Sepenzis, Edwards
Vail CO, Colorado

Not only are housing rules on the wrong track as Debbie Buckley points out. They are a part of what Lou Dobbs of CNN calls “the war on the middle class.”

In the Vail Valley this war is being conducted by bureaucrats, as seen by large increases in assessed valuations, and now these housing rules. This is occurring just as this country is entering a recession of unknown depth and length, putting additional pressure on the middle class, which pays the bulk of the real estate taxes in the valley. The timing could not be worse.

The obsession with “affordable housing” and the assumption that local government has to play a heavy hand in assuring that this takes place, defies everything that this country is all about, and is very likely to end up very badly. Experience clearly shows that government involvement in housing doesn’t work. Does anyone really think our officials will do any better? Let free markets work.

Not only will these rules mean higher prices, the higher prices will carry with them higher taxes, every year, and so the “war on the middle class” continues.

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