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Letter: Way too naive

Don Cohen
Edwards CO, Colorado

Way too naive

Buying an election doesn’t sit well with me. By the time he’s fin-ished, I would expect Ali Hasan to have kicked in a quarter of a million dollars of his family’s money into his campaign for the statehouse. That’s three times what is normal-ly spent. This guy has been Christ-mas- come-early to the balance sheets of local newspapers, radio

stations and printers. And if that’s how he treats his own money, what do you think he’ll do with ours?

Hasan brings an attention -deficit resume with him that, in less than seven years, includes: “tyro” (his own word for student) teacher, real estate investor (fam-ily holdings), commentator (Mus-lims for Bush), environmental scientist ( no degree?) and film-maker (student film). His is a wild-ly exaggerated resume that defies credibility.

Still living at home at age 28 in the Beaver Creek manse, Mom and Dad probably told him it was time to finally get a real job. I’m all for young adults taking time to find themselves, but collecting job titles like baseball cards doesn’t cut it when we’re talking about serious public-policy work.

Hasan’s ideas are impossibly naive. And one has to wonder if prominent state Republicans who are captured in his “grip and grin” endorsement ads are really doing nothing more that “taking one for the team.” They’ve got to be think-ing what many of us registered Republicans are: “Couldn’t we have done better?”

His opponent, Christine Scan-lan, on the other hand, is rock sol-id and low key and has a much more reasonable campaign budg-et. She’s the COO of the Keystone Center and Keystone Summit School, president of the Summit County School Board and a moth-er of three who knows firsthand the economic challenges of rais-ing a family in expensive moun-tain communities.

It is impressive that when Chris-tine was asked to fill former Rep. Dan Gibbs’ seat, she hit the ground running, making sure that Summit, Lake and Eagle counties’ interests were actively represent-ed in both Denver and Washing-ton. Christine has been a remark-ably effective first-term legislator.

Recently the Vail Daily, much to everyone’s surprise, endorsed Hasan. The paper’s line of think-ing was that sending Hasan to the statehouse would shake things up. If that comes to pass, Hasan will find himself parachuting into an environment where the weak get rolled and the silly are shunned.

While he’s having fun at his new job, Summit, Lake and Eagle coun-ties will have lost a credible and effective advocate for our interests. Forget party politics. If we want to see our mountain counties taken seriously at the statehouse, Chris-tine Scanlan is the only choice, and an excellent one at that.

Don Cohen Edwards

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