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Letter: We can meet economic challenge

Gus Nicholson Avon
Vail CO, Colorado

It’s hard to imagine rising unemployment throughout the nation when you can look in almost any shop or store window here and see the “help wanted” signs. It makes me recall that during the wars between Israel and her foes the ski resort in Lebanon proved a neutral haven for those seeking a little respite from the conflict.

It’s a wonderful thing when families and skiers from all over the world can come to our valley and find that same respite. Of course, today there are polar views of what’s happening. For the wealthy there is money to spend and invest. For the less well-heeled, there’s that paycheck that runs out just before all the obligations are met.

Some things are certain: Where in the past, consumers financed their spending by leveraging against their ever-increasing property values, today, that’s no longer a possibility. Wary banks have pulled our America’s credit-based economy even as they continue to pump tons of offers for credit into consumers’ mailboxes.

So where are the opportunities? Here are just a few from my observations: 1) continued and substantial investment in fossil-fuel alternatives like Vail Resorts’ investment in wind power, 2) repair the American infrastructure, 3) education, education, education. You can’t meet the future head-on unless you’ve studied the past, analyzed the alternatives and embraced the future with knowledge, not ignorance nor opinion.

America is a great nation. We hold the answers to the challenges that face us.

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