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Letter: What Minturn’s been asking for

Karen Briggs, Minturn

Gypsum has them, Eagle has them, Avon has them, and Vail has them. They are community assets. I think it is Minturn’s turn.

Since I have been here I have always heard that we need a place for the kids to play, a place to ride bikes, softball fields, a community center, and more parks. We have that opportunity to have these for all of Minturn. We will have a chance to build community assets.

With every step forward, there are always bumps, but we need to look at the end product, a chance to have a community that offers assets to its residents. The community will be defined by the people, not where we get the money to build that community.

So everybody get out and vote. When you go to vote, just think of the possibilities for our town when you get all those things you have been asking for.

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