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Letter: What we need

Auden Schendler
Basalt CO, Colorado

From where I live in Eagle County, it seems increasingly clear that the success of western Colorado’s economy depends on a few key issues.

We need to protect our commu-nities and the local environment from sprawl, which damages our economy and our environment, while supporting child care and affordable housing for hardwork-ing residents.

We need to drill for gas in ways that are less damaging to the envi-ronment and human health, clean up afterward, ask drillers to pay their fair share for the right to extract our common resources and not drill in areas that are vital to the sustained economic suc-cess of the region. We can’t risk a heritage and bright future of hunt-ing, fishing, hiking and guiding for a short-term gas boom on the Roan Plateau.

We need to realize Gov. Ritter’s vision of a clean-energy economy, where renewable-energy industry provides meaningful jobs while protecting the natural resources that define Colorado.

I believe the candidates that best support this vision in my region are Ken Brenner for state Senate in District 8 and Jon Stavney and Peter Runyon for Eagle County commissioner. I’m voting for them on Nov. 4.

Auden Schendler Basalt

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