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Letter: What’s the beef?

David Martosko
Research Director, Center for Consumer Freedom

The recent beef recall has sent self-righteous animal rights activists into a feeding frenzy, and some of them have been using phony letter-writing campaigns to voice their outrage. The same exact letter submitted by Vincent Yates (“Beef wakeup call” 2/22) also appeared, word-for-word, in over four dozen other U.S. newspapers this month. In each case, a different “author” signed it.

This is not a coincidence. It’s an organized campaign.

While Americans are understandably outraged at the behavior of a few meatpacking employees, anti-meat zealots are trying to parlay that into a national hatred for the entire animal-agriculture food chain. That’s understandable, since they believe we should be limited to crunching carrots and slurping soy milk. But it’s not honest.

If the save-the-cows crowd has to resort to form-letters to make a point, they don’t deserve to be taken seriously. Especially since the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made it clear that this whole episode didn’t pose a food-safety risk to anyone’s health. Despite the indefensible actions of two or three people, Americans won’t likely lose their taste for meat. Especially when they understand how deceptive some vegetarians can be.

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