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Letter: Who controls Minturn’s future?

Jack Meechum, Minturn
Vail CO, Colorado

Thank you, Frank Lorenti! It is about time the citizens of Minturn have a voice in this Battle Mountain issue. You have given us that ability.

I am going to vote to overturn the vote of the Town Council for several reasons. The biggest reason is that I don’t believe Minturn should be in control of its own future. I think the Eagle County Commissioners should decide our future because they know what is good for us. They said so in a recent meeting. I’ve watched the Minturn Town Council and was disgusted by how they just concentrated on Minturn. This development will also effect Edwards and Eagle and they need to be protected, too. Only the county can do that.

Frank talked to me when he was getting signatures and he brought up a brilliant point. Minturn is claiming it will get its water rights back if this goes through. Frank said that the water and sewer district needs those water rights more than the town. I agree. The entire Vail Valley employs more people than Minturn. They should have our water so they can use it so we can continue to feed the valley water. We don’t need it and water has no value anyway.

Thanks to Frank Lorenti we can give up the control of our future and put it in the very capable hands of Arn and Peter where it should be!

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