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Letter: Why impeach one of the best presidents ever?

How can you become the best president? First, keep campaign promises.  Second, challenge the oppressors.  Third, get your job done above previous standards. Finally, follow advice from one of the most famous Democrats ever, John F. Kennedy. I remember his speech where he said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 

Clearly Trump is the only current politician following that advice. It is crazy to see all those that would never think of running a country without pay would impeach the one that would run a country without pay. Crazier is seeing the liberal elected officials running cities and states into monstrous financial trouble and the electorate backing them at the next election. Now watch how the pure hatred of Trump will totally flatline congressional production while fully working to impeach one of the best presidents ever. 

It is easy to see hatred is more motivating — way above any fine impressive results that have been achieved. The only real defense against hatred is to pray for those hating and help the almighty bring love into their hearts.  The same love shown by the man working for no pay for such a powerful country, what a great sacrifice for us all.

Tom Henderson


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