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Letter: Why so much money for ‘defense?’

David Le Vine

Our Congress is being asked to authorize about $780 billion dollars for “defense,” which includes the funding for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans affairs and nuclear weapons. Those expenditures contribute greatly to a projected $750 billion budget deficit (when the Social Security surplus is properly subtracted from revenues). And I ask, does it make any sense?

We will spend more money for “defense” than all the rest of the world added together. And to what purpose? Despite the warmongering by Mr. Bush, other politicians and the military industrial complex, there really is no country that is either inclined or preparing to attack us ” not China nor Russia nor North Korea nor Iran. Furthermore, we have some 2,500 nuclear warheads and could obliterate any country that would do so, and they all know it.

In the words of Mr. Roosevelt “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” And in the words of General and President Eisenhower ” beware the military-industrial complex” (or “conspiracy” if you wish). We are bankrupting our country and it’s not for “Homeland Security” which has its own budget and is a different issue entirely.

The decision that we must make can be simply stated: Do we wish to continue to have a belligerent and intrusive foreign policy that requires us to be prepared for more wars, or do we wish to focus on making our own country a better place to live? We can’t choose both! For if we do, our budget deficits will become larger and the additional debt will require more borrowing and higher interest payments. Even now, approximately $400 billion of our taxes is required just to pay the interest on our debt; and we most certainly shouldn’t make it worse!

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