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Letter: Why you should support Proposition 113

I have been on the fence for a while on the National Popular Vote Compact, but my thinking on it is becoming clearer. Proposition 113 was referred to Colorado voters because enough signatures were gathered to put this rule, passed by the Colorado Legislature, for confirmation as state law. The elections of 2000 and 2016 recently showed a disturbing trend. That trend, as John C. Calhoun put it during the time of Jackson, confirmed a “tyranny of the majority” against the South’s way of life.

Today, a Republican minority governs our country and is sowing strife by pandering to those interests that would blur the lines between church and State, disenfranchise American voters and essentially consolidate government by corporate special interests. The main argument against Prop 113 is that it would circumvent the Constitution’s process for determining the winner of the presidential contest by a majority of Electoral College votes.

But, what is really at stake is the continued existence of the Republican Party as a viable political force in our two-party system. Another argument posed by the defenders of the status quo is that America is a republic, not a democracy. Here’s the wake-up call: America is a democratic republic. That is, we are both a republic and a democracy. at least up until now.

Prop 113 is a legal way— that is to say, constitutional — to bring back the power of the popular vote without the need for a constitutional amendment abolishing the Electoral College. If the Republicans can’t meet that challenge, then they must admit to their shrinking relevance in determining America’s future. 

Gus Nicholson

Denver and Avon

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