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Letter writers agree, disagree with Vail Daily editor’s take on global warming

Vail Daily Staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

No such thing

Mr. Rogers, in all due respect, the science for global warming is anything but compelling. Wait till Congress completes their investigation, and the truth comes out.

There is no compelling evidence to support that there is any human enabled global warming. This is just another weather cycle.

What the h… does running out of oil have to do with global warming? If the liberal crowd would let use extract the oil we have, we’d have no problem.

We all do need to be fiscally responsible with our planet, not because of global warming, but because it just makes good sense.

My hope is that Al Gore invested a good bit of the $100 million he made off this scam with Madoff. Talk about poetic justice.

Print somerthing in your paper you can support with facts, because this dog don’t hunt. God bless America.

Mike Kieler Avon

Evidence irrefutable

Don Rogers, Your commentary in Friday’s Vail Daily concerning climate change was right on. To add fuel to this raging forest fire, if you have not done so already, pick up a copy of the latest New Yorker magazine and read the piece by the father of global warming science, Jim Hansen, on the subject.

Hansen’s scientific facts add yet another very loud wake-up call that appears to go unheeded and ignored by most people who in reality must be closet members of The Flat Earth Society.

Throughout recorded history there have been collisions between scientific fact, religion and politics; but until fairly recently these collisions resulted in human misery on a relatively limited scale.

Today the entire world is faced with irrefutable scientific evidence that due to global warming (a perfect storm of natural cycles vastly exacerbated by man-made pollutants) the planet is warming at an ever-accelerating rate, and the likely outcome is that the major ice caps will rapidly melt and within the span of a human lifetime the seas could rise as much as 250 feet.

Most disturbing is that according to Hansen’s research, we may have already passed the point of no return and no amount of “capping and trading” and other measures designed to reduce air pollution will forestall the inevitable inundation of a substantial portion of the land mass on planet Earth.

Swimming lessons, anyone?

Peter Bergh

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