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Letter: Wrong-way flag on Beaver Creek snowmobile

Craig Hellier, Highlands Ranch
Vail CO, Colorado

On Saturday, April 12, at 3 p.m. near the Strawberry Park lift at Beaver Creek, I observed something that I thought was very inappropriate.

One of the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol snowmobiles, number 9711, had an American flag prominently affixed upside down on the safety antenna. At first I thought perhaps the flag had fallen down or twisted around, but upon further inspection it was obviously, and intentionally securely fastened in an upside orientation. I don’t know if the operator of that machine thought he was making some sort of misguided political statement or mistakenly thought it was “funny,” but it was clearly inappropriate, and, I am sure, not in line with the corporate values of Vail Resorts.

I realize we’re living in a time when it is almost trendy to be anti-American, but words and actions DO have meaning and should be addressed when they are inappropriate. Even though the snow season is over, Vail Resorts should find that machine and remove the flag, or at least display it proudly right side up. Vail Resorts should also speak to the person or persons involve and tell them that their actions are inappropriate and don’t reflect well on an otherwise fine organization.

As a pass holder for several years, and as a proud American, I would appreciate a response.

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