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Letter: Yes Barack, No Billary

Bob Essin
Vail, CO Colorado

I am an independent since 1976 (long story, not relevant here). Before that I was a Democrat. I will vote for Barack Obama but not “Billary” Clinton. I would consider Hillary Clinton if she were divorced or Bill was no longer living. I align politically more with Hillary Clinton and John McCain, but I am tired of politics as usual, meaning the blood bath that has been going on in Washington since Watergate. We can do better.

Call me naive if you wish. I believe all three candidates would be much more careful before leading us into another armed conflict in the world than George Bush was. Bill Clinton’s moral problems in his second term kept him from paying attention to his role as President. He committed a felony by lying under oath in civil litigation about his various affairs, and was impeached but not convicted while in office about this and other particulars. His law license was taken from him by the State of Arkansas. Even as a spouse to a President (or Senator), he does not belong in Washington, D.C. anymore.

Sports figures are being or will be prosecuted for less-important lies. The atmosphere of the Clinton Administration in his last 3 years was poisonous and that would pick up exactly where it left off if Hillary is elected President. Without that poisonous atmosphere in the 2000 election, Gore would have been elected (many people still believe that he was elected) President. Without that poisonous atmosphere, Bill Clinton might have been able to adequately respond to the global threats that were being presented to him during his second term. Without Bill Clinton’s indiscretions we might not be in Iraq.

I was against the impeachment because of the nature (sexual) behind the charges and because of the similar actions (but not lying under oath) by previous presidents and because of the distraction from the job of the presidency it would create and I wrote my Congressman to that effect. We do not need “Billary.”

I am surprised that the press and political opposition are not being more specific about this. Maybe it is in bad taste and maybe people feel sorry for Hillary? I cannot believe that the Democrats are seriously even considering “Billary.”

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado.

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