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Letter: Yes on 7A to keep our river recreation world-class

Keeping water in our rivers and on the Western Slope will be on the ballot this November and I urge you to vote yes on 7A. As a resident of Eagle, a veteran, and a boater, one of the main reasons I live in this area is the world-class recreation opportunities that we have in our backyard, and I think I speak for the vast majority of residents when I say that I want to keep it that way.

The Colorado River District is asking voters for a mill levy increase, to continue to protect our Western Slope water. This increase will be small for the average homeowner (costing about $7 a year) while providing the district with nearly $5 million in additional annual revenue. The district will use those funds to produce a litany of projects that will help not only the recreation community, but also agriculture, infrastructure, and ensuring we maintain our excellent water quality and efficiency throughout the 15 counties they represent, including Eagle County.

Eagle County was one of the first counties to vote in support of this measure because our commissioners know how critical our rivers are to our recreation-based economy. As an avid rafter and longtime member, I’m pleased to see American Whitewater endorse this measure, as they have a longstanding tradition of protecting recreational flows throughout the Colorado River basin. I’m planning on voting yes on 7A because it’s going to allow the Western Slope to strengthen its ability to decide what happens to our water. We must ensure the Western Slope can continue to provide world-class boating and recreation opportunities. I urge you to vote yes on 7A.

Scott Partan


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