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Slifer vows to make Vail No. 1 in every wayDear Vail voters,I am running for re-election to the Town Council and would like to take this opportunity to tell the voters of Vail why I want to continue serving our community and why I feel I can help in moving Vail forward through the next few challenging years. I bring a wealth of history, experience and leadership to achieving our vision of Vail as “the premier resort mountain community.”Economic revitalization is critical, but it can only happen if we move forward on several fronts. The citizens of Vail are our greatest assets and we must work together toward the common goal of making Vail No. 1 in every way. We can agree to disagree, but we must join forces to achieve success. I can help make that happen.We must encourage redevelopment of several projects for a huge economic boost. Examples are the Four Seasons, Vail Village Inn, Vail’s Front Door, Lionshead redevelopment, the Sonnenalp expansion, the Marriott and Crossroads, to mention a few. We need to increase the amount of retail space to create a retail mass that will attract more shoppers. We must move forward with the conference center, which will have a very positive economic impact.Along with these projects, we need to tend to the more basic ones. Our streets, water and sewer lines, our walkways and other town services and facilities must be maintained and improved.Vail’s seasonal parking problem must receive immediate attention. I propose we move forward as quickly as possible on constructing another parking level in the Lionshead structure. Vail Resorts has committed to pay for approximately half of the cost. This is a successful example of public-private partnership to solve a community problem.There are a multitude of issues facing the new council. My experience, vision and burning desire to make Vail No. 1 in every way make me a very good candidate for Town Council. I will work hard, work for you, and work for Vail.I am asking for your support and your vote. Thank you.Sincerely,Rod SliferVailNaming victims complicated issueFor the past 28 years I have worked in prosecutor’s offices (Jeffco eight years and Denver 20). Primary to my responsibilities is the oversight of policy and programs that serve crime victims. For the sake of brevity I will not detail my resume, but offer a few involvements for perspective. I am chairman of the Denver Sex Assault Interagency Council, Immediate Past President of the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance, Chief Executive of the Colorado Oklahoma Resource Council (services to the victims of the bombing who came to Colorado for the McVeigh/Nichols trials), Team Leader of Victim Services Response Team for Columbine High School.I am a vacation home owner here in Vail and was thrilled to be here on a recent weekend after having spent the entire day at the Bryant preliminary hearing in Eagle on Thursday (Oct. 9). I read your editorial on rape secrecy with great interest (“Rape naming debate rooted in sexual hang-ups,” http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 10) and for the most part found it thoughtful and balanced. It appears that you are truly concerned about the complexities of these matters and the impact of this violence on society.However, I must take issue with your conclusion and ending. You are right on point with your description of the repression, denial and marketing of sex in this country. Where you travel off line is in your apparent conclusion that overturning the respectful and compassionate practice of victim confidentiality (not secrecy) is a desired step toward a larger solution. In fact, selecting this already traumatized victim and asking them to “take the point” toward social change is unfair and ripe with the unintended consequence of driving these victims further into avoidance and denial. The vulnerable should not be expected to carry our water on this issue.Rather we face a multigenerational education challenge to instill our future society with more open and nonjudgmental views on sex and proper disdain for interpersonal violence. I think your editorial is a balanced step in that direction, but as my daughter the English composition teacher suggests: “Great job, have him redo the conclusion!”Steve SiegelDenverProtect our sons, tooI enjoyed reading David O. Williams’ editorial today (“Rape naming debate rooted in sexual hang-ups,” http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 10) and absolutely agreed with every word. I’ve often thought that I’d be beyond upset if my daughter were violated, but I’d be equally upset if my son were falsely accused. Under Colorado law, you can say “no” at any time, so are we at the point of having our sons carry around ‘pre-sex agreements’?I agree also that openness and communication is the key to reversing the stigma associated with rape.You offered excellent insight, plus a unique angle on the mundane coverage.Great job! Keep it up!Cindy RamunnoEagleSaving Avon’s soulThank you for the well researched and beautifully written article and editorial about the Village at Avon (“Searching for soul in the Village at Avon,” http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 10). I also liked the cover art and cartoon. The local newspapers play an important role in raising community awareness about these kinds of issues that significantly affect all our lives. Your Oct. 10-16 issue has spurred a lot of discussion about the Village at Avon, which is healthy for our community. Keep up the good work.Kristi FerraroAvonThanks for the rally cryEditor’s note: This was received on telephone voice mail.I was at that town council meeting in Avon Tuesday (Oct. 14) and I was looking around thinking, holy smoke, this place is packed, how did all these people find out about this thing? And then I remembered, “Oh, yeah, The Vail Trail cover piece” (“Searching for soul in the Village at Avon,” http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 10).I want to thank you for putting Tom Boyd on the story and giving him the space to tell it. I think that was a watershed event in Avon history and it couldn’t possibly have had the breadth and intensity of public support without that good journalism. You beat the hell out of the Vail Daily covering this thing and I hope in the future that you’ll feel rewarded by an activist posture and continue in that vein. But congratulations and thank you very, very much.Walter DandyAvonImprisoning innocent people is OK in time of warYour rhetoric has grown stale; your anti-Patriot Act stance is the minority view; and your ranting mostly falls upon deaf ears (USA Patriot Act is un-American, http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 3). If you lived in a big city or knew someone who died in 9/11, your view might be based more in common sense rather then intellectual ideals, which in a time of war are non-applicable. You shot yourself in the foot by drawing a parallel between the red scare and our current situation. They both share the commonality that a disagreement of ideology has pitted man against man. Only one side can prevail. Whose side are you on?People were singing the same song you are when we went to war with Japan. After the war the rights that were taken away were reinstated, correct? Similarly, the more radical components of the Patriot Act all contain sunset provisions.Would you prefer to grant an Arab the right to privacy and next year he kills your family in a terror plot? Better safe than sorry.Ed GraefEdwardsPatriot Act goes too farI think they have taken the Patriot Act too far (USA Patriot Act is un-American, http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 3). Everyone in this country deserves and has a right to a fair hearing and a phone call regardless of their crime, if there indeed was a crime. Next thing we know its going to be a cigarette lighter could be used to light a fuse on a bomb. Please! I am all for criminals being locked up, but let the punishment fit the crime and give every man his fair trial and right to defend himself. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.Kim JonesBells, Tenn.Patriot Act is a threatIt truly concerns me that most people in the United States fail to see the dangers of the Patriot Act (USA Patriot Act is un-American, http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 3). I, for one, am not willing to give up my civil liberties and my rights as a citizen because of a terrorist threat.Remember, the Patriot Act applies to all American citizens, not just visitors on expired visas. The terrorist threat will be gone eventually, but our constitutional rights may be gone, too.Molly FlanaganKirkland, Wash.Commies deserved harsh treatmentSoviet documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union have proven McCarthy right (USA Patriot Act is un-American, http://www.vailtrail.com, Oct. 3). It would be nice, Tom, if you would get it right.Albert DeKentucky, Ala.

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