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Letters: Beware of Beaver Creek snowboard thieves

J.M. Miller, Gypsum
Vail CO, Colorado

Our family enjoys living in the small town of Gypsum, working and going to school in Eagle and skiing/riding the family-friendly Beaver Creek.

Last Saturday, my 12-year-old had his snowboard stolen at the base of Centennial. His friend had hers stolen just two weeks before. It was the end of the day, in broad daylight, lots of people around but somehow the thieves went unnoticed.

The comfort and security of leaving equipment out is a luxury of the past. What a shame, but reality must be accepted. Let this be a warning to other parents and Beaver Creek guests and staff. Don’t let your guard down. My son’s board wasn’t particularly expensive but we paid for it, he was comfortable riding it and it meant a lot to him. Those low-lifes who would rather take the risk of committing a crime (against a 12-year-old!) than working honestly for their gear are out there and you could be next.

By the way, thanks to the security staff who made my son feel important by taking his report.

We did not, however ever get a call back from lost and found, putting the fire of hope out that someone may have mistakenly took his board for theirs.

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