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Letters: Can’t afford to move back to Vail

Jason Peters
Vail CO, Colorado

My wife and I made the mistake of moving away last summer. We tried to move back up recently because we both received some very good job offers in the area.

Unfortunately we could not find a place to live. At the amount of money it costs for rent, and the fact that we have a dog, nothing was available to us. Middle Creek went from being dog friendly to “No Pets Allowed” just like every complex in the valley has.

We looked into buying a place, but with the cost of property combined with outrageous homeowner association fees, the salaries that we would have been making wouldn’t have allowed us to pay all the bills.

Vail has a serious problem, so when all of these new properties open up, who will work at them? Not everyone enjoys sharing a bedroom with someone and God forbid they have a dog. We use to call Vail home, it sucks we still can’t.

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