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Letters: Cell phones will be our peril

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

How to make kids safe

It is certainly good to hear from Arn Menconi that he truly cares about our children, but I am challenging you, Mr. Menconi to respond to my allegations that you are a little bit less than honest in these statements.

Every day that passes by you are putting hundreds of children and adults at risk with personal injury or even death. Anyone who rides a bike, walks, and/or runs knows exactly what I am talking about: riding and running along busy state highways and roadways.

It’s been a year now since I wrote asking about the progress of our county bike paths, and all we got were excuses from you about how difficult it is to complete, yet every other municipality and county has had a system in place for years.

I do have to admit that there is a newly constructed section running from your neighborhood in Eagle Ranch to your favorite ride along the river road, but should we expect anything less from you?

I am asking you to respond to my letter here with solutions to this negligence, not more excuses. It’s your inability to complete these kind of tasks that is prompting me to support your recall.

Do you remember your promise to Democratic supporters to complete this bike path before your term expires? Well, sir, you have alot of work left to make good on this promise.

In addition, I take offense to your statement that people supporting your recall do not care about children. You have a lot of cajones to make a statement like that. I have a 4-, 6-, and an 8-year-old, and if you for one minute think that I don’t care for them, you and I have a personal issue.

What I do care about is the personal responsibility, the lifelong obligations, and the sacrifices we, as parents make to raise our kids. You seem to think that government knows better than we, as parents, how to raise a child. All the levels of beaurocracy, taxes and legislative actions you’ve created will not solve this problem. Laws and taxes will not create good parenting, period.

I think the root of the problem is that, we as voters, elected people with no business experience other than to run a nonprofit organization (Arn Menconi). In addition a postcard photographer (Peter Runyon), and a professional politician (Sara Fisher) manage a $100 million budget.

Perhaps we should all be recalled.

Karl Berger


The cell phone hazard

America’s greatest peril: Believe it or not, it is not George Bush, it is not global warming, it is not the Islamic revolution, and it is not the economy, illegal immigrants, or how much the rest of the world hates us.

What it is, is the cell phone invasion.

I do know of what I speak. In the early 1980s the “car” phone was beginning to emerge and like many businessmen in Chicago and around the nation, I found it an asset to have when out of the office. At that time, laws were put into effect to protect the driving public from what appeared to be an imminent danger. The law stipulated that when making or receiving a car-phone call, the driver must pull to the side of the road and remain there until the “call” was completed.

Today, I realize what a great law that was. I have been driving without a major mishap for more than 60 years and I am still capable behind the wheel (no old man jokes, please).

However, in all that time I have never felt more in peril than today when I constantly see men and women driving, parking and pulling from tight spaces, and from their own driveways and garages with that phone glued to the side of their head.

The old belief that you cannot accomplish two things well, simultaneously, was never more true. If you don’t believe me, ask any insurance agent.

I cannot, understand, though I am a college graduate and an ex-CEO, how, for more than two decades, we managed to get through an average day without these contraptions. Please explain today’s rationale of a woman or man leaving her or his house, pulling out of the garage or driveway with a phone smack against the side of her or his head. Don’t they have phones in their house? Can’t that call be made before getting into the car?

The same is true of pulling into their driveways. Can’t the call wait until they are in the house, maybe two whole minutes later?

Sorry, but this practice is far more prevalent with the female of the species.

No, Virginia, I am not a sexist or any other kind of “ist,” but I can call it as I see it.

Alan Aarons


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