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Letters: Colorado Civil Rights initiative is bogus

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

A misleading causeI am concerned about the attempt reported in a recent Vail Daily to get a proposed amendment to the Colorado constitution called the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative on the ballot next November to define a fertilized human egg as a person with full human rights from the moment of conception. This is absurd but also potentially dangerous as it could have sweeping consequences related to individual decisions about whether to have a child or whether one can use birth control (and what kind since many of the most effective and commonly used methods, which work by preventing implantation, could be illegal if the amendment were passed).The supporters of this initiative claim they are only trying to prevent abortion but if that were really their goal, they wouldnt focus on such a ballot measure. Rather, they would join with the bulk of the medical profession and such groups as Planned Parenthood in providing people with access to the services and information they need to prevent unintended pregnancy, including comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education and birth control.I urge all readers to be aware of the real effect of this amendment if they are approached to sign a petition to place it on the ballot. Whatever ones position is on abortion or birth control, they are matters for individual decision by the parties involved, in consultation with their physician, not ones that should be dictated in a federal or state constitution. Elizabeth Gordon ClarkAvon Skateboarder savedI just wanted to say Thanks a million! for the person who called 911 when they saw Kyle Sullivan laying roadside on Red Sandstone Road last Tuesday night. Hes my roommate, and Im sure that call saved valuable/critical minutes. Hes got a loooong road ahead of him! Thanks a bunch.John Grimes Vail Fire class helpedThe Fire Science Technology Program at Colorado Mountain College recently sponsored a one-day seminar titled Fire Strategy, Tactics & Command Safety. Retired Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini shared lessons he learned in 48 years in the fire service with the more than 100 emergency responders in attendance. The class was held at the Eagle Valley High School Auditorium in Gypsum, Oct. 27.I want to thank the good people at the Eagle Valley High School for the use of the auditorium! Your support allowed us to host a world-class speaker while keeping the costs to the students as low as possible! Also, a big thank you! to the men and women of the Gypsum Fire Protection District, for assisting with the details that make an activity such as this successful. Lastly, thanks go to my bride, Marcia Keiser, for registering attendees, handing out certificates, feeding the group, and generally being Mom.Kurt P. KeiserFire Science Program CoordinatorColorado Mountain College

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