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Letters: Consider Democrats’ odds

Gus Nicholson, Avon
Vail CO, Coloreado

The other day I ran into a friend in a ski line who shouted out a number at me. When I looked perplexed, he said it was the number of days left in office for the current administration.

The majority of Americans agree these last eight years have been mostly a disaster for the country.

To be fair, I like the lower tax on capital gains. I even think, in a rare moment, the president has it right on immigration. His experience, after all, as governor of a border state and one so heavily traveled by both American-born Latinos and foreign-born migrants should count for something in this debate, but it doesn’t.

Another aspect of our culture that has become clear these last eight years is how few dissenters the Big Republican Pup Tent holds. The GOP’s self-marginalization is well-deserved and the proof of its effect on the nation may be found in the results of the Iowa caucuses.

The majority of Americans are not bigots, feel more comfortable with the moral high ground and are very, very nervous about the direction in which previous politicos and elected bureaucrats have taken us.

So, perhaps Las Vegas need to reconsider all the presidential candidates’ odds, especially the Democratic ones.

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