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Letters: Cost for green energy worth it

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Doesn’t cost much

The article entitled “Renewable energy means higher rates,” published in the Vail Daily on November 23, represented a rather narrow perspective on how we pay for energy. Fossil fuel cost increases affect rate payers’ bills much more dramatically than costs for renewable energy. In October 2006, Xcel Energy raised rates 7.73 percent or $4.43 per month due to fossil fuel price increases. In September of 2007, Xcel again raised bills by 11 percent or $5.78 per month to cover fuel charges.

The most recent plan shows only a $0.79 per-month increase for renewable energy. This is much lower than the rate of inflation and represents the lowest cost option to providing Coloradans reliable energy. Oh, and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent.

Spending this small amount of money on renewable technologies benefits our state in many ways: creating jobs, improving the environment and our health, and diversifying Xcel Energy’s resource portfolio so that future increases in fuel costs will be less severe. All this for a little more than $1 per month.

Solar energy is becoming more affordable by the year. As with many other technologies (computers, televisions, airplane flights), it is following the pattern of initially being used by early adopters and will be moving into the mainstream. The rebates are designed to phase out over time, so the technology isn’t dependent on subsidy forever. It’s just getting started.

Personally, I think this is a great deal. Kudos to the state legislature and to Xcel Energy for looking to the future.

Amanda Bybee

Co-owner, Namaste Solar

Thanks for the help

After my wife and I were in an accident near Wolcott, the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department responded in a timely manner. Deputy Wright was amazing and we thank him for being very kind and so very helpful in such a stressful time. He stayed with my wife and me during the removal of our vehicle from the banks of the Eagle River.

Thanks also to West Vail Shell towing company for removing our vehicle. We appreciate your compassion and feel very fortunate for the support of Mr. Wright and West Vail Towing.

Daniel Ruedeman


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