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Letters: Council candidate lays out plan

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Vail’s ‘brain bank’

Vail’s billion-dollar-plus redevelopment is in full swing, challenging negotiations remain over the Lionshead parking structure project, affordable housing in town remains elusive, we face a capital budget shortfall and three members of the Town Council with strong business backgrounds will not be returning. We have opportunities to improve our environment, strengthen our business community and protect our homes from fire due to the pine beetle infestation.

All of this translates into maintaining our quality of life, and these are the reasons I am running for a seat on the Town Council.

As a retired corporate litigator, I know how to listen, compromise when it is in the best interests on my client, and stand my ground if it is not. In my position on the Design Review Board for almost six years, I understand the issues of development and am aware of what is in the pipeline. As a member of the Art in Public Places Board I understand that cultural tourism is a means of bringing visitors to Vail for activities above and beyond those on the mountain.

With the passage of inclusionary zoning and commercial linkage, housing for workers and families has become front and center as an issue of importance. The redevelopment of Timber Ridge presents us the opportunity to address this issue by providing affordable rental units. We also need to look at creating deed-restricted units that families can afford, whether it be at Timber Ridge or elsewhere in town. Without families the vitality of our community will disappear, and without housing for our workers the quality of life we all cherish will diminish.

In talking with many of you in the course of this campaign, I have found that we have a tremendous resource that is not being used ” the experience and talent of the people who live and work here. We have both active and retired investment bankers, financial managers, attorneys, development and construction experts, and business people of all fields, who are willing to advise the town on projects that come before it. I want to create a “brain bank” where we can call upon these people to assist us by serving on blue-ribbon committees to bring the maximum creativity and knowledge to the issues facing the town.

The brain bank is just one of my ideas about how we can make Vail the best that it can be. I’d like to hear from you about what you think is important. You can e-mail me at MargaretRogersforVailCouncil@hotmail.com.

I promise to respond, and to continue to be responsive to your concerns if I am elected to the Town Council.

Margaret Rogers



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