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Letters: Daily article was reckless

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Article was recklessWhats almost unimaginable is not a day on the mountain without music, but the total irresponsibility of this paper to print an article advocating and encouraging skiing or boarding with earphones and music blasting. Flying down the hill at 30-plus miles per hour while distracted and/or deafened by heavy metal or hip-hop multiplies the inherent risk in these sports, and not just for the moron with the headphones, but for everyone else in the vicinity.Whats better than a day on the hill with your favorite music is a day on the hill without anyone ending up dead or in the ER. If staff writer Charlie Owen wants to see some REAL entertainment, just let him sit at the information desk at the Medical Center for a few days during the high season. He could watch the stream of parents, friends and loved ones frantically pouring through the front door after receiving a call that the ski patrol took their child, husband or best friend off the mountain on a sled. Its even more of a bummer than when your iPod battery runs out.Liz SternEdwardsThanks for the helpWe can hardly find the words to thank all of you for the wonderful benefit on our behalf. What an overwhelming feeling of love, support and positive energy that met us as we walked through the doors on Saturday night. God has blessed us with an incredible extended family and community whose love we feel so strongly. Thanks to all who donated items to be auctioned, WOW! And to everyone who volunteered to work the event, especially those on the organizing committee: Laurie Asmussen, Kristen Mehan, Gulick Family, Andrea Robbins, Bethe Wright, Brenda Walberg, Brent Biggs, Connie Nunley, Debbie Darrough, Elizabeth James, Jackie Eisenmann, Karen Ross, Krista Gould, Laura Cross, Linda Zilar, Liz Patterson, Lori Mowder, Marlene Luczkow, Mary Lou Yeik, Pam Adamski, Brandes Family, Roberta Dorfman, Shannon Sokup, Sheryl Essex, and the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. You made the night one that our family will never forget. Your generosity was unbelievable.In addition to the benefit our family would like to thank the Brass Parrot for its donation, Adagio Salon for their cut-a-thon, Kim Manuela for her face painting booth, Alpine Sedan for our transportation to and from Denver for medical tests, Peak Land Consultants and Overland & Express Travel for their patience, understanding and support, and the Calvary Chapel for holding us up in prayer and their meals mission.Finally to all our friends and neighbors who have provided meals and spent hours helping with Lauras recovery, without all your support we would be lost.We love and thank you all! God bless you!The Genelin Family Argument standsOn Oct. 7, I wrote a letter to Becky Lawlor of the Town of Avon, informing her of my disgust with government liberals wrongly changing the name of the federal holiday, Columbus Day, to Discovery Day, which they have no legal authority to do. I said it was an insult to Italian Americans.Ms. Lawlor had the decency to express her sorrow in response, and candidly admitted the following: I am sorry that you are offended by the use of Discovery Day. It is unfortunately a no-win situation. Many people, whether right or wrong, are offended by the use of Columbus Day, as Im sure you are aware. Therefore, I chose to use the designated politically correct term, Discovery Day.I responded to Ms. Lawlor as follows: The voyages of the mapmaker Christopher Columbus are of great pride to people of Italian descent. He was probably one of the first recorded persons to gain the realization that the earth was round and not flat. In the case of Columbus, the only people in my study of Columbus, to accuse him (personally) of killing Indians, are liberal revisionist 1990s professors, who have a (liberal) agenda. Your choice of offending Italian Americans is based on what, liberal revisionists agenda? Columbus Day is a federal holiday. Discovery Day is not. Who put you in charge of deciding to offend Italian Americans versus offending liberal activists, by refusing to succumb to a liberal agenda? No one. Obviously, you chose to offend us, instead of the liberal activists.If the federal government changes this federal holiday to Discovery Day, then your job is to call it Discovery Day. Until then, please reconsider the offensive use of that term. Yes, its a no-win situation. But, our federal politicians made the decision on naming this federal holiday. As an employee of a city government, you do not have the right to attempt to change the name of this federal holiday as part of your job. Please stop doing this. If you truly believe the name of this holiday should be changed, you should try doing so on your own time.On Oct. 11, John Kelly of Vail responded with his revisionism, citing nothing prior to 1960 as evidence. I responded with a letter criticizing leftists who control our universities and newsrooms, and their unwillingness to allow conservatives to work in either venue.On Oct. 20, Caroline Blaker of Edwards, who would have you believe that liberal revisionists are not ruining the country, wrote in, saying: And if you dont trust the liberal media, begin contributing to the media you do believe in, with your degree and everything else. Perhaps this will give you the peace of mind to know you are making a difference. Either Ms. Blaker recently moved to the county, or shes been living with her head in the sand. After 33 years of research and exposition in Eagle County, as a politician, talk radio host, columnist, publisher and investigative reporter, one would think Ive already done that.On Oct. 23, Alan Aarons of Edwards wrote in, saying he believed that I have crossed a line from criticism, to hateful, spiteful and dishonorable rhetoric, because I said that Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy were sinning adulterers, but I still believed we should celebrate what they accomplished. I also wrote that we are all sinners, me included. How Mr. Aarons could take those comments as hate speech is beyond me, but my liberal friends seem to love to use those terms when they are losing the debate. According to Aarons, who chose to denigrate me and not just my opinion, King and Kennedy have done more for this nation than (I am) capable of doing in 10 lifetimes. Why he felt the need to denigrate me is not clear or rational, in my view, in debating whether liberals without legal authority should change the name of our federal holiday. Maybe it made Mr. Aarons feel better. One thing Mr. Aarons and I agree on is that a journalism degree, which apparently he and I hold, means absolutely nothing! My deceased grandfather was a member of the Knights of Columbus. He was very proud of Columbus accomplishments. While Mr. Aarons may denigrate me personally for (amazingly) agreeing with him to celebrate King and Kennedy, and denigrate me for defending Columbus, my original statement stands, that most Italian Americans are insulted by liberal government types, unilaterally, and without any legal authority, for wrongly changing Columbus Day to Discovery Day. My 12 short sentences, outlining my defense of Christopher Columbus personally, seemed to have aroused liberal anger. Yet, none of them have quoted any historian prior to the 1950s, which is the premise of my opinion that liberal revisionists, primarily led by the disgraced and recently fired plagiarist and former University of Colorado professor, Wade Churchill, are, in my opinion, not trustworthy and are ruining our country! Michael CacioppoVail

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