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Letters: Daily misrepresented me

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Clarifying my beliefs

I appreciate the Vail Daily announcing the release of my new book “Seven Secrets to Love and Intimacy in Relationships”. However, I was misrepresented on several points.

Personally I do believe in monogamy, to feel safe mentally, physically and spiritually. Statistically, it is rare these days that someone is with the same partner for their whole life.

Either way what I cover in my book is how to make any relationship work better.

I believe and cover in my book that people should have clear agreements with each other and keep them. If they can no longer keep them to renegotiate them before breaking an agreement.

As a corporate management trainer I saw how important the principles covered in my book are to the success of a business. I will hold a workshop on at 6:30 p.m. July 12 at the Avon Library.

To clarify, the classes I offer are athletic: Tai Chi, Pilates, step aerobics and sacred-relationship and Reiki healing.

Finally my source for the contents of the book were my education, especially psychology, my training and development profession and my life experience.

Brenda Lee

Ethanol, food prices

Some perspective is called for with respect to the article in the July 2 Vail Daily stating that using grain for ethanol is driving food prices through the roof.

For example wheat now sells for about $6 a bushel. Since a bushel of wheat weighs 60 pounds that means the pound of wheat necessary for a loaf of bread costs 10 cents.

For the last 30 years the price of a pound of wheat has ranged from about 5 cents to 7 cents.

The increase to 10 cents will hardly drive prices through the roof. There are many more such examples of the real impact of a few cents change in the price of a pound of grain.

We are not all going to go hungry.

Fred Rumford Sr.


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