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Letters: Debate over speed limit

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Lowering limit won’t help

I seriously doubt lowering the speed limit on I-70 is the answer. Based on my observations, most serious accidents don’t occur when drivers comply with the speed limit. The majority happen, it seems, when drivers are intoxicated, distracted, tailgating or any combination of these and other poor driving habits.

Why must all safety measures be put into place to protect people with lousy driving habits and worse decision making? Instead, let’s toughen the criteria for even obtaining the privilege to drive.

Secondly, more enforcement would surely curb some of the overly aggressively driving. Tailgating in bumper-to-bumper traffic is not going to get you anywhere any faster, it’s just going to piss people off.

Finally law enforcement needs to start ticketing people who are too lazy to use turn signals. I’m pretty certain all cars have them these days yet only a small percentage of drivers actually use them. I’ve used them and they’re not difficult. Try putting down the phone and latte and smokes for a change. Your focus is driving, not programming your GPS.

And for those of you who want to save a couple of pennies in fuel there is nothing stopping you from going a little slower. Just stay the hell out of the left lane because I’m coming through. My wife and I are not having kids so whatever they have to deal with down the road isn’t my problem. Maybe your beloved public-school-educated spoiled little kids will have an answer by then. But judging by the parents, I doubt it.

See you all at about 80 mph or so.

P.S. If you think government (local or otherwise) is going to solve your problems, go ahead and start holding your breath!

Christian Ahrens


UnAmerican comments

A web commentor with the pseudonym liberalelite, (he didn’t have the fortitude to sign his real name), attacked three recent writers of letters to the editor who were defending Israel. He called them “you people” and indicated this defense of Israel meant they didn’t care as much for America.

This is pollyrot from a biased individual who didn’t refute one statement made by these three writers. Israel is a nation with similar values, laws and ideals as America, that is in danger of being destroyed by the same enemies of America.

These writers were trying to perpetuate American ideals while this critic, with the tone of his remarks, was distinctly unAmerican.

William Pintzow

Is Putin a bad guy?

I hope some of you have come to the attention of Dr. Ron Paul, the forefront presidential candidate of the Republican Party and my bid for sure. I’d like to make you aware of another critical idea.

A friend of mine several months ago told me about a Web site called http://www.whatdoesitmean.com. It’s the world’s largest English-based news service with over 500 articles published daily from global newspapers. If you want information outside of FOX news and CNN, you ought to try a peek at this site.

Recently I read a story regarding Mr. Bush and his meeting with Vladamir Putin. You can read the same story at http://www.whatdoesitmean.com. I urge you all to give this article a read, it’s regarding our impending attack upon Iran and what Mr. Putin has to say about it and he’s definitely not on the side of Bush and Cheney.

I don’t know a lot about Vladamir Putin, but I don’t think he’s all that bad of a guy. But I’m not sure. I bid you all well and God bless.

Tavius Sims

Fort Collins

Call your representative

Prior to the House of Representative vote on the 2007 supplemental budget for Iraq ($82 billion) Rep. Mark Udall and John Salazar heard from lots of valley citizens that it was wrong to write a check to support the surge.

But they voted for it.

The 2008 Iraq supplemental budget will show up in Congress in September. Bush is asking $145 billion this time.

Call Udall (202-225-2161, 970-827-4154) and Salazar (202-225-4761, 970-245-7107) and tell them it’s time to provide only money to bring troops home safely.

If they can’t find that money within the regular military budget, already more than double what it was in 2002, maybe three-fourths of a trillion dollars if all the hidden parts are known, they shouldn’t be trusted with the checkbook any longer.

The only thing Bush and Cheney have accomplished with their immoral and illegal war is an abject lesson about how not to nation build.

They are taking down our Constitution as they do it.

Bob Kinsey


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