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Letters: Debating the Menconi recall

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, colorado

Try water boxes

I was reading your article titled “Ban on water bottles lifted in Basalt”. I am hoping you will help me share some important information with your readers that most people in the country do not know about, including myself until recently.

There is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles, it’s water boxes. They are made of 74 percent paper ” a completely renewable resource.

The mayor of San Francisco has in fact agreed to accept samples of AQUA2GO, which are being mailed to him tomorrow. The water boxes will be a much better backup way of storing water in case of emergency and the tap water cannot be used (or in Basalt’s case, if there are concerns about cleanliness of water pitchers in town meetings).

Choosing to sell water boxes in schools, government offices, etc. both for normal consumption, and also for emergency preparedness, as opposed to plastic water bottles, could be one step taken to protect the environment (not to mention perfect for disaster preparedness due to five-year shelf life).

Stacey Griffin


They don’t get it

It’s embarrassing. As an Eagle County voter, I was given a choice last November to vote yes or no to approve a separate, additional tax for special early childhood programs. We were not voting on whether early childhood programs should be a part of the regular county budget.

I’m embarrassed by the quotes in the July 1 Vail Daily from my friend Mike Reid and from Mike Lederhause (who ran for county commissioners last fall) that they do not understand the difference.

Rich Brown


Can’t afford Menconi

The recent movement to recall and remove Arn Menconi is not only right, it’s long overdue. This will be a fitting end to Menconi’s reign in Eagle County. And this is not just a message to Mr. Menconi, it’s a message to all elected officials in Eagle County. Obey the will of the people you are paid to represent, period. Your personal agendas must be set aside, period. You can campaign for your issues all you want, and you are free to make your case. But in the end, the voters make the decisions. And let’s not forget the other two commissioners, who stood by, and failed to represent the voters of Eagle County.

This is not just about the early childhood issue and its funding. Remember, it was Menconi who first told us that the county did not have the money to fund the programs. Then, he was defeated on the issue, Menconi suddenly found the money for early childhood programs. If early childhood is so important to Eagle County, maybe the commissioners should have taken the $400,000 they spent on new cars, one for each of the commissioners included, and spend it on childhood programs. Add that to the $800,000 the commissioners suddenly found, and you have the funding.

The most dangerous issue at hand is what to do about funding early childhood programs next year, and into the future. Does the county have the money to continue to fund these programs? Most likely not. So, by pulling this, Menconi and the other commissioners have basically stuck Eagle County with this forever. You can count on having this issue on ballots for years and years to come. Only now, we will be voting to discontinue programs, rather than fund them.

Let’s send a message. Sign and support the recall of Commissioner Arn Menconi.

Rick Silverman

Tell the police

I learned an important lesson. One night as I was leaving my chiropractor’s office in Eagle, I was hit in the parking lot by the businessman next door, who was driving with only one light. Since he seemed to be a good guy in an established business I believed him when he apologized and promised to pay for all damages because he didn’t want an insurance claim.

So I let him go and to my disbelief, he later argued with me about it and refused to take blame. I filed a police report and an insurance claim. I lost because I did not call the police!

Always call the police no matter who it is.

Nancy Andresen


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