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Letters: Democrats support recall

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Democrats support recall

In the recent home rule election, the commissioners stressed the ability of the voters to propose referendums to either adopt issues that the commissioners did not support, or to overturn decisions that the commissioners had made. The attempted recall of Commissioner Arn Menconi is an example of how voters can better participate in their government, with or without home rule. This is a bipartisan effort to bring responsibility and accountability to Eagle County government, and is an example of democracy in action.

This is your chance to express your displeasure with the commission’s current fiscal irresponsibility. Arn Menconi has made it clear that his agenda and his personal ideology overshadow the concerns of the voters. Menconi acts like he has a mandate to promote his agenda, no matter what the public thinks.

Recently I read Vail Daily Managing Editor Don Rogers’ opinion that this was an effort of isolated Republicans. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been registered as a Democrat since about 1963 and have many friends and neighbors that are registered as Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated. They are all anxious to sign the petition and get this done. As voters and citizens of Eagle County, we are already embarrassed by the arrogant irresponsibility of Menconi and his lack of respect for the voters.

Therefore, a grassroots committee of Democrats has formed to help bring about the recall of Arn Menconi. This committee is called “Democrats for the recall of Arn Menconi”. You can contact us via e-mail at RecallMenconi@msn.com for more information and to make arrangements to carry a petition.

Remember, he was defeated in his election attempt to the Avon Town Council in 1996, and he recently lost the election to the upper Eagle River Water Authority. Let’s end his irresponsibility and political career now.

Let’s give the voters a chance to select a commissioner for Eagle County who is fiscally responsible and responsive to the majority of the voters in the county. This effort has great support in the county and many folks believe it is long overdue.

Soon petitions will be ready for circulation. With your help, this is a doable effort to obtain the required signatures and get this matter on the ballot.

It is too easy to take a passive role in your government by either not voting or just voting the party, rather than really finding out about the candidate.

Occasionally the performance of these elected officials does not measure up to the standards that we believe are important. When that happens, we need to change horses in the middle of the stream, which may take more effort than at the barn, but is often well worth the effort.

Please help our effort.

Mike Lederhause, McCoy

Chairman, Democrats for the Recall of Arn Menconi

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