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Letters: Don’t buy the fancy license plates

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Fancy plates a waste

I went to register my vehicle the other day and inquired about the “Committed to a Cure” Breast Cancer plates. I was informed that there is an extra $50 for specialized plates (other than the standard green and white ones). I agreed to the charge, asking what percentage would be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. No portion of this fee is donated to the organization! The charge goes towards “production costs.”

Does it really cost that much more for a different colored license plate, or is the State of Colorado using this to their benefit? It’s great to show support towards finding a cure, but isn’t that something that we all support already? If you have or are considering getting special plates, you’re better off sending $50 towards the organization directly because they will benefit much more from your donation.

Stacy Daeffler


Unfair to Israeli

Why is it that some of the nation’s largest and most influential newspapers give Israel a bad time?

Hamas commentaries have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post and the L.A. Times. As false as the charges are, they can be very damaging.

Mousa Abu Marzouk, Hamas leader, relays a “moderate” message to the English language media but advocates the destruction of the state of Israel. For example: Hamas resistance is justified under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

However, even Human Rights Watch, an organization not regarded as friendly towards Israel, clearly stated “Hamas has repeatedly failed to respect a fundamental rule of international humanitarian law by attacking civilians and civilian objects.”

Another claim: Hamas deserves a place at the international negotiating table. This despite the Hamas Charter which states: “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

Another claim: Israel is guilty of “foundational crimes of murder and ethnic cleansing by means of which Israel took our towns and villages, our farms and orchards, and made us a nation of refugees.” Marzouk conveniently forgets that the 1948 war was the direct result of an Arab invasion and rejection of the U.N. partition plan, which Israel accepted.

Had the Arabs also accepted this, there never would have been a Palestinian refugee problem.

If you are not bored yet, one more claim: Israeli leaders made “repeated calls for the destruction of Palestine’s non-Jewish inhabitants.” There has never been any official Israeli policy of this nature in nearly 60 years of statehood. The existence of a million Arabs living as citizens in Israel is testament to the utter absurdity of Marzouk’s statement. Moreover, while Marzouk makes false claims regarding non-existent Israeli policies, he attempts to distance Hamas from its own charter, which clearly lays out the organizations murderous and anti-Semitic discourse.

Marzouk’s false claims demonstrate the danger of granting Hamas access to the mainstream media. Hamas, other Arab groups and leftist anti-Israel groups all recognize the value of reaching a western audience and are “joyful” over the damage they can do to our society.

Arthur Kittay


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