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Letters: Eagle Co. property owners’ rights

Mark Chapin
Eagle County Assessor
Vail CO, Colorado

Paul Rondeau has taken a great deal of time and become well informed in writing his “Your taxes are going up; here’s why” column. He has placed the emphasis on local property tax, where it belongs ” with the taxing entities. Each county assessor in Colorado is charged with estimating property value.

However, the revenue needs for services ranging from education, water and sewer, police and fire protection to road plowing, parks among a few is determined, as stated in his column, by each taxing entity.

The value portion of the property tax equation is determined by the Colorado Constitution. All property in Colorado is reappraised every two years.

For 2008 and 2009 property tax purposes, the basis of value is sales data collected from January 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006 with data also used from the previous five years.

Property owners have the right to appeal the estimated value each May. The taxable portion (assessed value) is also constitutionally mandated. All residential improved property, including single family, mobile home, condominiums etc. are assessed at a rate of 7.96 percent; all other property, all vacant land, commercial, agricultural, etc. are assessed at 29 percent. The assessed value is then multiplied by the total mill levy within your taxing area.

Property records can be viewed at the Eagle County Web site at http://www.eaglecounty.us. Property owners may query their property by name, address, legal description or the assessor’s schedule number. The schedule number can be found on either past Notices of Valuation or tax bills. These account numbers are alpha numeric, all real property accounts begin with an ‘R’.

Information also can be obtained by contacting the assessors office at (970) 328-8640.

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