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Letters: Eagle Co. recycling no-nos

Pavan Krueger
Vail CO, Colorado

I can only hope it is with irony that you featured a photo of a man recycling a box at the Avon Recycling Center as part of his “green” resolution to recycle more often. (Refer to the article, “Happy New Year ” now end global warming”, Monday, January 7, page A2). In the photo, a large piece of Styrofoam can clearly be seen in the box, and the box is not broken down.

As a friend of the director of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, I know that one of his greatest frustrations is that people don’t recycle correctly. They put boxes full of Styrofoam peanuts in the bin without breaking them down, try to recycle ski boots (they’re plastic, aren’t they?) and leave bags of trash at the recycling locations, among many other things.

As a way of helping to educate the public about proper recycling techniques, I hope you’ll print this letter, or better still, run a feature article on how to do it right.

Thanks for your focus on recycling.

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