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Letters: Eagle County: Take lead on childhood obesity

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Look out for kids

On a daily basis we hear about the overweight issue of our children. Childhood obesity is leading to an increase in type 2 diabetes and now a solid link has been made between childhood obesity and heart disease in adults. There also are solid arguments that exercise leads to improvement in the classroom. It is easy to say that our community is immune to the problem until you go into our schools and see the number of overweight children.

The most logical place to address this issue would seem to be at the public school. We are a recreation oriented community as such we should be leaders in encouraging the physical activity of our children.

Dan Seifers


We’ve been fooled

How long will the American people put up with Bush’s reckless and arrogant behavior? He truly is like a spoiled brat who wants his own way no matter what.

We learned today that National Security Adviser Steven Hadley told Bush last summer that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program some time ago.

Despite the new intelligence, Bush continued warn us about the great threat of an Iranian nuclear weapons program even though he was in possession of intelligence that said Iran had no nuclear weapons program.

Bush threw the weapons inspectors out of Iraq because they didn’t support his claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

The inspector’s reports were correct. Bush ignored them. Now he wants to ignore the new National Intelligence Estimate so he can continue to beat the drums for a strike on Iran.

Will the American people be fooled again?

Carole Onderdonk


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