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Letters: Eagle doesn’t need more shopping

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Hairdo doesn’t hurt

Just a quick note to say Jan RWhen my son was in third grade at Eagle Valley Elementary School back in 1998, he decided he would like to dye his hair blue. So his father and I took him to a hair salon in Avon and had it done right, and by the end of that afternoon he had a beautiful head of shiny blue hair the color of Colorado Blue Skies. I sent him off to school the next day and he came home telling me how his teacher and other kids told him how cool his hair was. I never heard a derogatory comment from anyone at the school. Not a teacher nor the principal, not a single phone call. After time, the blue faded and turned into platinum

blonde and everyone forgot about my son’s blue hair.

My son then went on to dye his hair twice more over the next year or so. The second time it was orange and the third time it was purple. He was over it by the time he was 11. Again nary a peep from Eagle Valley Elementary.

Back then, as far as I knew, there weren’t any school policies regarding hair color or style. And I, with a fairly open mind, had no problem with my son’s experimentation with hair color, figuring I would have much bigger and better fights to pick as he approached his teen years.

So to you Alison Miller, I say, stick to your guns, encourage your son’s individuality and give him a high five from me.

Ellen Feigin


Get your topo map

(Refer to the Wisdom from the Web “Doesn’t exist”)


I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but to bring you up to speed, Black Gore Creek is the creek that runs from the top of Vail Pass from the Black Lakes down to East Vail, where it joins with Gore Creek.

I think that impaling yourself with your keyboard would be very difficult. You might want to try something a bit sharper, like a spoon. God forbid that you get out a topo map before you say something critical, which in this case makes you sound a bit dumb.

Steve Dziekan

Need homes, not shopping

Just a quick note to say Jan Rosenthal Townsend’s column could never be more right on! Eagle County needs more housing (affordable)and the powers that be in each community must realize that is its primary business. Then and only then will we come to grips with the real problem instead of making it worse. We have plenty of shopping in the valley and quite honestly don’t need more!

Tim Kelly


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