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Letters: Eagle is siding with developers

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Developers’ wishes trump all

October 5, 2007, was the day the historic road to Fulford was breeched in the name of progress. A part of it was permanently destroyed, with no fanfare, no taps, and only the sound of nail guns and back up beepers to mark its passing. Citizens were generally uninformed, even the county who maintained it for decades was unaware until recent months that it was to be destroyed. They actually were planning to re-pave it this summer. How does this sort of thing happen? It’s a question I have asked of many, and trust me, no answer given begins to explain “why”?

All I can say is it is being explained away with, “Oh, that was a done deal.” I don’t buy that. As a member of the citizen’s committee that helped formulate the original Eagle Area Community Plan, I know 80 units on 12 acres at that location with its yet another re-routing of Brush Creek Road was not our vision for the future of Brush Creek, nor was it allowed for in that original plan.

The removal of the road was done by a sleight of hand that even surprised the town attorney. At a town meeting I asked how this could be accomplished without the county’s knowledge, and as the attorney began to assure me that the town would have to notify the county of a vacation of right of way, he was corrected by someone at the board. The town didn’t plan to vacate the right of way … they would just tear up the road. Simple. The county still has a right of way, there just no longer is a road. Done deal, to put it in their words, and no messy stuff about closing part of a historic stage coach road that has served homes and visitors for decades.

So let’s take a look at just exactly who benefits from this closure. The developer of Brush Creek Village has placed his massive project in front of existing homes, whose residents have totally lost their view of the mountains. The new buildings, now with only a small setback to worry about, have unobstructed views of pristine Brush Creek Valley (or what’s left of it), and that pesky road in front of them is now eliminated. One can’t help but wonder, once again, “Why?” This can’t be explained away with, “they conformed to zoning.” Baloney. There’s other powers/and or plans at play here, and to all of you folks who participated in the Eagle Area Community Plan Update, and took the time and effort to come before the town and express your desire to see Brush Creek protected, take a drive south and see how well the town has listened. They’re on someone’s agenda, and I’m certain it’s not yours or mine.

Rosie Shearwood

Brush Creek

P.S. I have to add a later observation. Having driven the new Brush Creek gauntlet to town over the weekend, I see an even more disturbing projection for the future.

This town has assured me they have no plans for changing the future of Brush Creek traffic, yet I see every indication that they have spent hundreds/thousands of dollars on infrastructure to run traffic up the middle of our valley to accommodate future growth, as in Haymeadow.

Are they already accommodating a Florida developer’s wishes for our valley well before he even submits an application to the town? The beginning of his access lanes are now in place, and I ask how can this be?

Who is our town serving? Recent actions would indicate it’s developers.

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