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Letters: Editorial had bad timing

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Bad timing

(Refer to the Daily Editorial “U.S. shouldn’t rush into Iran”)

It is a core value of democratic societies to be able to freely express well thought-out opinions in a public forum.

Matt Zalaznick’s editorial in Sunday’s paper “on behalf of the Editorial Board” at any other time would have been perceived as just another partisan attack on the Bush administration. On Veterans’ Day, in the rest of the English-speaking world and Europe also known as Remembrance Day, his column is nothing short of despicable.

Yes, there have been and continue to be problems in Iraq and Iran, both military and political; but there have been successes too, particularly in connection with the “surge.” To label current efforts a “shambles” insults the hard work of our troops, their leaders and Robert Gates for the administration. Mr. Zalaznick would do well to learn about Nov. 11, study the lessons of history, and perhaps spend two years in the Peace Corps to acquaint himself with the world outside his narrow-minded horizon. His vile opinions are not appropriate on this memorable and emotional day.

John Eschenlohr


Wilderness friends

Friends of the Eagles Nest Wilderness would like to recognize and thank the wilderness volunteers who donated more than 600 hours of volunteer time this summer in the Eagles Nest and Holy Cross wilderness areas. Volunteers talked with more than 1,260 hikers, anglers, and backpackers along trails in both wildernesses, answering questions, helping people understand wilderness values and Leave No Trace techniques, and reporting trail conditions to the Forest Service.

Other volunteers inventoried 31 campsites near Lake Constantine and Tuhare Lakes. Data from the inventories will be used by Forest Service personnel to help preserve the beauty of the Holy Cross Wilderness. Three volunteers also kept an eye out for invasive noxious weeds, providing location information especially in the Eagles Nest Wilderness.

We had received a grant from the National Forest Foundation Ski Area Contribution program to treat noxious weeds in several areas of the Eagles Nest Wilderness in conjunction with the Forest Service. Many thanks to the volunteers who live from East Vail to Eagle: Michael Arnett, Jim and Linda Cahill, Abby Dixon, Anne Esson, Sheila and Bob Gouterman, Sara Hall, Ken Harper, Jill Hunsaker, Heather Keirsey, Monika Perry, Michael Rodenak, Ty Ryan, Allen Smith, Melinda Tierney, and Lisa Woods. Thank you for helping to protect and preserve our beautiful, special wilderness area and helping people enjoy their wilderness visits.

Maryann Gaug


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