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Letters: Ex-county employee stands by his words

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Stand by my story

I stand by my statements made in the Committee to Recall Arn Menconi Newspaper, as well as those made to Don Rogers at the Route 6 Cafe in August of 2006.

I find it interesting that I have now been contacted by a reporter from the Vail Daily, when I met with and discussed the issues in question with Don over a year ago and The Vail Daily chose not to print it.

John DeNardo


Editor’s note: John Denardo was very clear at that meeting that his comments were strictly off the record. He subsequently declined to speak for the record while in post-employment discussions with the county after being fired or later because he was heading out of town when called to set up meetings that would be on the record. And when he was ready, the editor was busy with a high-priority project. All of his claims would need to be checked, and we would not simply run them as they appeared in the recall campaign publication.

Furthermore, information for another story that he provided anonymously did not check out.

Lousy road work

Driving on Capital Street in Eagle I noticed that there has been a new surface put on a large section of the road. The surface is less desirable than that I would place on my own driveway and it causes me to question who the town has chosen for subcontract work. Or possibly, with what tools do we outfit our very capable town crews?

This concerns me as I have seen better surfaces, which have a higher probability of lasting through our severe weather, when using a trailer full of hot mix and a clam shovel!

Property values are crazy in our region and each of us is working to afford living here. Our tax dollars need to be spent with the same level of attention to quality.

Div Manula


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