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Letters: Fair board member deserved prize

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Opponents support kids

The Aug. 2 story about soon-to-be-recalled Commissioner Arn Menconi, Menconi claims that his political opponents are opposed to the advocacy of children. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Menconi is fully aware that in Eagle County, we already have several programs for children, on the books, that no one opposed. Today, we already have Head Start, Early Head Start, school district Head Start, etc., etc.

The voters told Mr. Menconi that “Enough is enough!” in a recent election. So he decided to ignore the voters, and he did not submit his latest program, Bright Start, to the voters again because he knew what the answer would again be: “Enough is enough!”

Bright Start is a multi-million dollar entitlement program that he wants to have go on, year after year after year. WIC (the federal women, infants and children support program), Head Start and Early Head Start have multiple items in common with this program. They all tend to be on the receiving end of free/reduced lunch programs we fund; free or reduced dental care and health care and food purchased through WIC grocery store coupons. They are not free. We pay for all of that.

Perhaps Commissioner Menconi attended the Opelousas, La., WIC-Head Start Collaboration, which suggests this, courtesy of our U.S. Department of Agriculture: Be persistent. Locate the resources in your community and invite them to the meetings. Have good coverage of your meetings through the media. Spread information. Because that would explain a lot!

What we have learned about Commissioner Menconi is he likes to win. In fact, he likes to win so much so that he overrides his constituents because he likes to win. It is all about Arn.

He has been toying with the idea of running for higher office for a while now. Would we really want him to be in an even higher authority position while handling our hard-earned tax money? Unless he is removed, that could happen.

And remember, too, while walking down Memory Lane, this is the same commissioner who stated this about fellow Commissioner Stone in the Vail Daily: “I don’t feel you represent my policies or Eagle County’s,” Menconi said while discussing water policies. How about when a forced Eagle County child-care program is voted down but funded anyway? Then whose policies and whose “Eagle County” does Commissioner Menconi represent? Not the voters.

It is really about the advocacy of Arn. As always, it’s all about Arn.

Sign the recall petitions now! It will only cost pennies if it makes the ballot ” unlike Arn’s latest new preschool program.

Marty Lich


Shame on those who booed

I have just returned from vacation and learned that Bruce Carey had the winning

raffle tickle for the Jeep at the Eagle County Rodeo. I think that is terrific and I congratulate him. Shame on you who may have “booed” him.

Since you may not know, I need to tell you that Bruce has been a member of the rodeo board for 10 years. During that time, he has given hundreds of hours of tireless and devoted service benefiting everyone associated with Eagle County.

I am personally sure that in those 10 years, he has sold and/or bought thousands of dollars worth of raffle tickets.

I think we should all be pleased that “lady luck” has seen fit to award him this Jeep at no cost to any of us.

We should all congratulate him because doing anything else would be shameful on our part!

Marcie Kittay


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