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Letters: Forget Menconi. This is worse

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Bigger worries

Forget Menconi. How about Bush, Cheney and Gonzales? The local doomsayers should worry about the enormous tool box of powers and unchallengeable executive privileges that they are sending on to Hillary or Obama.

Mike Green


Road work safety

Enough is enough. The worst has finally happened and still the construction on I-70 has not moved along any better than before we lost a local son, Dustin Scriver. The police blame the accident on speed, but who would ever expect traffic at a dead stand-still on an major interstate in the middle of the day and all day?

OK, CDOT, you had one flashy sign at Vail Mountain School, three miles east of the standstill, but if a driver misses that sign, their next indication of trouble is a line of dead stand-still traffic over a mile long. I personally try to avoid going west through Dowd Junction during the day, but even with the reduced number of trips, I have been amazed that every time I finally make it to the construction site, there have been four to five men standing around while two to three men are working. Whether it’s 8:30 a.m. or 4 p.m. more than half the crew is standing around watching the traffic flow.

We heard about the labor shortage and we heard about the cooler temperatures preventing night time work, but what about people and safety issues? I doubt if Mr. Scriver was ready to give up his life that day, especially with all the sorry excuses as to why this project has taken months instead of weeks.

Come on CDOT, get it together before more people are hurt or killed. School starts next week and our kids and bus drivers will be dealing with this every morning and every afternoon.

One death has been too high a price to pay!

Bridget Hitt


Bugged in Beaver Creek

Does America and this valley have a police state mindset?

At 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 22 at the Vilar Center parking structure I was detained at the entrance booth. I was asked for my name, my business and my license plate number to park. I was parking for a meeting with a client that would last about 20 minutes. The booth attendant told me I needed to park at the bottom of the hill. I explained to her I was not an employee trying to park for the day and that I would only be a short time.

In two years of doing business in Beaver Creek I have never had a problem. Well not today. She wanted to document who I was so I could not come back to Beaver Creek. She detained me and called public safety. After explaining myself to the understanding public safety officer he let me park, yet stressed how busy the Village is and that I should respect the rules and park at the bottom.

When I arrived at my parking space I looked around and realized the parking structure was about 10 percent full.

My meeting was with the general manager of a large hotel. Needless to say, I told him about this and his reaction was of disgust. How can you expect business people and guests to do business here if this is how they are treated? Forget this post Sept. 11 militant attitude and realize there are other ways to conduct yourself.

Matthew Wirtz


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