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Letters: Ginn development isn’t really green

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Ginn isn’t green

Ginn’s suggestion that they will build 70 percent of their development on Battle Mountain to some sort of “green” standard is asinine.

The location is an environmental disaster for bear, lynx, deer and elk: The narrow migration corridor will be damn near impassible if Ginn builds their “green” resort. The spine of the Rockies is what’s being severed for precisely nothing other than the enrichment of one man and his cronies.

Ginn states that the buildings over 20,000 square feet will be “green.” That leaves all of the 5,000-foot starter mansions decorated with hand-planed ancient forest timbers to merrily suck down water for Kentucky bluegrass lawns, to suck down natural gas to heat the driveway and to keep the house to a comfortable 76 degrees year-round ” except when the hot tub and the fireplace are going and they have to open the window because they don’t know how the thermostat works. This does not take into account the various trips up and down the long and winding road in the SUV that be taken because mom forgot the milk.

That leaves the rest and what, exactly, is “green” anyway? Will the buildings be made of recycled materials? Located underground? Solar powered?

If Ginn wants to do something green, they should put the property in a conservation easement, take the tax credits and go back to Florida. Battle Mountain is green as it is. I can’t see how building a bunch of goddamned tacky houses all over it is going to make it any greener.

Jonathan Staufer


No religion test

Article six of the Constitution states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under The United States.” But the spirit of that statement is being violated by many of our citizens when they make compliance with their own religious beliefs a pre-requisite to gaining their vote for public office.

Furthermore, Mr. Mitt Romney’s recent speech endorsed that violation when he pandered to the “religious right” by publicly stating that he too believed that “Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.” He gave himself a religious test and then scored 100 percent.

Not only did I listen to the speech given by Mr. Romney, but later on, I tuned in to the commentary of the media. Not one of them seemed to share the total disgust that I personally felt. I mean all that Mr. Romney repeatedly told us was that his affirmation of God and Jesus qualified him to be our next president. And all that the media addressed was the political wisdom and effectiveness of his words.

I’m sorry to say that I thought that the entire experience was repugnant! What does the affirmation of God and Jesus have to do with either the qualifications or the abilities that will be needed by our next President? And how many of us can still believe that if we elect a religious president that we will have a decent, honest, highly moral government.

We must elect a president who first unites us, and then leads us very wisely towards a brighter future.

Race, religion, or sex are not even worthy of consideration in these United States!

David Le Vine

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