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Letters: Gotta work hard to live in Vail

Chris McDonnell
Vail CO, Colorado

Recently, I read with interest Mr. Jason Peters and why he can’t move back to Vail because he can’t afford it. It sounds as though Mr. Peters is like all the other financial cry babies flooding this county.

Well, Mr. Peters you get what you pay for. If you want to make a go of this beautiful valley you have to put your time in, work hard, working long hours continually promoting your talents, while leaving no rock unturned.

This area has taught me more about financial matters than school ever could. Often it’s called economics 101, supply and demand. For my first six or seven years here I worked a minimum of two jobs and often had some kind deal happening to earn extra money, saving every extra penny I could. We are not your parents and I believe it is time you start using your God-given financial talents (if any) to make your Vail dreams happen.

Stop complaining about the expense of living here or move to Denver with all the other Colorado Card members. It’s busy here this time of year, I’m sure someone out there needs your help. Heck, if you do a good job maybe they will give you a bonus or raise to keep you at the end of the ski season.

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