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Letters: Health care reform needed now

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Give the boots backI have a great idea to help invigorate our wonderful downtown Eagle. The boot auction is tonight at the Eagle County Fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m. How about if everyone who buys a boot donates it to the new Eagle streetscape project that is almost finished? We could possibly put a plaque with your name on it, saying that you were a generous donor. The citizens of Eagle have so much enjoyed the boots. Many people from around the region have been drawn to visit them and visited our shops and restaurants at the same time. The boots have been such a success. Everyone has been talk ing about keeping them in downtown Eagle. I think thats a great idea. Thanks to all of you who have put the time and effort into this unique and successful project.Annie EganEagleGreat turnout for Gypsum DazeWhere did everybody come from? The Gypsum Daze 5K Run/Walk had 106 finishers this year which is at least 20 more than have ever participated before. Fifteen people helped out as volunteers and many more showed up to watch the participants in the biggest Gypsum Daze 5K to date. This year, the proceeds from the 5K run/walk are being donated to the Gypsum Library for the purchase of childrens books. Through the support of all who participated and our sponsors, Alpine Bank, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, Big Steves Towing, Columbine Market, Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce and Tom and Margaret Edwards we were able to raise over $3,000 for the library. Thanks to all for the great support!Many thanks to our contributors who provided prizes and goodies for the runners and volunteers; Adolphson & Peterson Construction, Alpine Ambiance, Alpine Lumber, Bravo!, Carquest, CenturyTel, Copy Plus, Cotton Ranch Club, Eagle-Gypsum Garden Center, Eagle Valley Enterprise, First American Heritage Title Company, Garden Center of Gypsum, Gypsum Discount Liquors, Honey Bun, Keller Williams Real Estate (Black Bear Partners, Joan and Barb), Macs Liquor, Pete Peterson, Red Canyon Cafe, Steves Barbecue, Town of Gypsum, US Bank, Vail Valley Jet Center, WECMRD Gypsum Recreation Center, and Wylaco. Thanks to Computer Rescue, Jerry and Susan Semrod, for their help in recording all the runners and determining the order of finish for the various age groups. The participants as well as those of us working the event appreciate the stretching and massage provided by Ascent Physical Therapy before and after the event. Thanks also to our volunteers who made the race run smoothly; Tim Cochrane, Margaret Edwards, Bill and Sara Fisher, Joyce and Bill McCarthy, Dave and Maxine Medina, Kristen Medina, Dave and Sue Mott, Karl Reynolds and Karls friend. These are the people whose efforts make the 5K run/walk feel like the hometown event that it really is. Thanks again to all who participated, volunteered and contributed to make another successful Gypsum Daze 5K Run/Walk. See you next year. Tom EdwardsGypsum Days 5K Run/WalkNeed health care reform nowIn my My View article (Vail Daily, June 10), I proposed a middle of the road national health care system between two extremes: 1) a socialized medical care system as exists in Canada and many European countries and which is advocated by Michael Moore; and 2) a position wherein government plays little or no role in our health care system. As mentioned in my article, our past debates on health care reform have gravitated to these extremes and have galvanized these ideologies that are light years apart. I enjoy Moores ability to transform severe examples of our current systems failures into an art form, but his positioning in the debate is not going to move us to change what is achievable through our political process. Hillary Clinton and her committee were actually on the right track but her recommendations contained two features that were anathema to the private insurance industry. Her proposal contained annual caps on how much premiums could increase year over year essentially price controls. Price controls have a poor history and cause unpredictable economic dislocations. Secondly, she advocated purchasing alliances which would be combinations of employer groups and other synergistic organizations to negotiate the equivalent of volume discounts from private insurance and managed care. In a truly national system in which the private sector plays its traditional role, federal government is the single-source payer and the consumer family unit is the purchaser, there is no need for purchasing alliances.Alex Miller concludes his Our View editorial with the observation that it may be another generation before we convince government that spending our tax dollars on life rather than war is our nations preference. It better not take anywhere near that long. If the Congress seated after the 2008 elections does not pass health care reform legislation that guarantees all individuals the right to health insurance unrelated to employment status, health status, age or ability to pay, then I am going to seriously consider voting against every incumbent in the 2010 midterms who did not fight for such change irrespective of whether that have a D or an R behind their names. Jim CameronEagle-Vail

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