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Letters: Immigrants need a role model

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Immigrant role model

(Refer to “Who commits crime in Eagle County?”)

Nobody can deny that there is unrest in the community revolving around the recent crime relating to the illegal immigrant population. If there wasn’t, Steve Lynn wouldn’t have written this article.

The main issue here is not that illegals are rampantly breaking the law, it is that they cannot be protected by the law without risking being deported. For almost all of these crimes there is a victim, probably illegal, that never reported being harassed, abused or assaulted because of the risk that would run.

The truth is nobody ” not illegals, not Americans, not police ” benefits from a large portion of the population living under the radar. As long as we have people who cannot count on the protection of the law, criminals (of which there are countless of every ethnicity, race and religion) will have free reign.

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While we have a president who has no concept of how important illegal immigrants are to our economy, they will have to remain under the radar. But in the meantime, I wish we had a local Hispanic leader to pull a Bill Cosby here.

Somebody needs to stand up for the Mexican population to say “you came here to live a better life, now live one.” When it comes from the mouth of a white person, it’s called racism. When it comes from a Mexican, it’s called encouragement.

And as immigrants become woven into the fabric of America, perhaps some less inane president in the future will realize that they deserve to be (and have the responsibility to be) American, too.

Katie Herod


Creator not needed

In his argument for the existence of a creator, I believe Mr. Talbot misunderstood, or at least greatly oversimplified, the anthropic principle.

He called the principle “a fancy title for the mounting evidence that has many scientists believing that the universe is extremely fine-tuned (designed) to support human life here on Earth.”

It’s actually the opposite. There is evidence of a vast string of coincidences that allows for human life on Earth, which some people take as evidence of a creator that brought all these improbabilities about. The anthropic principal, however, states that we observe, measure and calculate this highly improbable combination of conditions that support human life on Earth precisely because we are humans on Earth observing them. If the oxygen levels on Earth were 25 percent instead of 21 percent, Earth would be bursting into flames, but there would be no humans there to wonder about how unlikely that particular combination of conditions would be. As you can see, the anthropic principle does explain why the universe is fine-tuned to support human life, but it does so without involving the concept of design.

See Wikipedia for more.

Andrew Forsyth

Fundraiser fee

This letter is to the Town of Avon regarding the fee that was charged Wild West Day for hanging their banner on Bob the Bridge. You charged them a $100 design and review fee ” are you kidding me? Is this the town’s way of making up for lost fees and revenue for Walmart and Home Depot? Is it better to give things to the big boxes ” who by the way also didn’t support this event ” and take from the kids who benefit from this event? You have forgiven how much in fees for Stone Creek Elementary yet can’t support the other eight local public elementary schools?

I don’t think that this is the way for the town to earn back lost revenue and I think you should consider returning the $100 fee to Wild West Day, PO Box 18065, Avon, CO 81620.

Pam Smith


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