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Letters: Invest in Eagle County " all of it

Michael Gross, Gypsum
Vail CO, Colorado

Eagle County is a strong, vibrant community, from generation to generation. Men and women moved here from other parts of the country, worked hard, made a living and put down roots. Their children stayed, worked hard, and so the cycle began. We took care of them as children, helped them as young adults and cared for them as senior citizens.

It is disconcerting to witness the change that has taken place. Our taxes are given to a few families in Eagle County (open space referendum) so their children can continue to live here. Our taxes are given to families so early child care is provided to them.

We have a good educational system and excellent recreation opportunities for our children to grow up in. But once they become adults in their 20s and 30s, we tell them, “Sorry, you can’t live here. No affordable housing.”

Fortunately and unfortunately, we live in beautiful narrow valleys where land is scarce.

On the Front Range, where land is plentiful, housing is available to a wide range of income groups. Eagle County does not have that luxury. It’s imperative that the county and local municipalities take an aggressive proactive approach with developers and large corporations who build and operate in the county in providing affordable housing.

The attitude has always been let them move downvalley. That is not an option anymore and should not have been an option to begin with. The free market system in our county benefits the developers who are looking to maximize their profits.

The real estate industry benefits with higher commissions for multi-million dollar home sales. The quality of life and community suffers in Eagle County.

It was quite sad when County Commissioner Peter Runyon in the Vail Trail Vol. 43, No. 5, page 16 comments that it is not necessary to invest in extensive senior care, or assisted living facilities. He says, “Only time will tell.”

They can just move on to lower elevations. We don’t want them here. Is this the community that Eagle County has become? Isn’t this the same attitude that delayed investing in affordable housing? Isn’t this the same attitude that delayed investing in real open space?

Our children, who work from the airport and ski slopes to ranches and small businesses, should be given the same opportunity to live here in affordable housing. Our elderly should be given the opportunity to continue to live in Eagle County.

Is it rational and sensible policy that our taxes are given to a few ranchers so their children can live in Eagle County, but our children cannot?

Is it rational and sensible policy not to give our children and the elderly the same opportunity to continue to live in Eagle County?

Why are we investing in early child-care development and education, then compelling our children to live and work someplace else?

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